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City Manager Report

Feb 07

02/06/2023 City Manager Report

Posted on February 7, 2023 at 7:21 AM by Kayle Wallis



City Managers Report


First of all, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to all the area men and women that braved through the ice storm to do their jobs to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible; and also, to those that were able to get to their jobs to keep our economy operating as normal as possible. You all are an important part of our daily lives, and we struggle mightily without you in your daily place.  

I’m excited to inform everyone that we were awarded a one-million-dollar OWRB ARPA grant toward the much-needed installation of a headworks system at our Wastewater Plant. We are also in the process of applying for an additional grant through SODA for around six hundred thousand dollars. If we are fortunate enough to be awarded that grant, combined with the OWRB ARPA grant, we would be in a great financial position, as the overall estimated cost of the Headworks System was projected to cost over 1.8 million the last time we did a cost projection. 


 For those that don’t know, the "headworks" of a wastewater treatment plant is the initial stage of a complex process. This process reduces the level of pollutants in the incoming domestic and industrial wastewater to a level that will allow the treated wastewater or effluent to be discharged into a stream, river or lake. 


The treatment processes of a wastewater plant have become more and more sophisticated and the performance of the headworks is more important than ever. The function of them is to remove inorganics such as sticks, stones, grit and sand from the wastewater stream to protect and reduce wear on the downstream process equipment. Equipment in the headworks may include pumps, mechanical screens, screening compactors, grit removal systems and grit washing systems.


We are also hopeful of several other grants that we have applied for, and are continuously applying for others that we qualify for, as they become available. Grants require a lot of time and effort, but are well worth it when we are fortunate enough to be awarded one. 


Please remember that the new parking lot east of city hall is finished and available for public parking. It provides another 50 new parking spots available for anyone visiting or conducting business in our downtown. It, along with the new parking lot across the street from city hall and the future parking lot directly west of the back of city hall will provide approximately 150 new free parking spots to meet our downtown parking needs. 


We continue working all over town, and have been very busy in several areas, which are broken down by department, in the following paragraphs:


CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT/STREETS DEPARTMENT: Supervisor Bobby Ward reports his crew has completed the following tasks: 


A structure was removed on Gin Road. 

Debris was hauled off from 7th and Oregon. 

A curb stop was put out at the City Hall parking lot. 

A dumpster was moved back to the alley behind Court Street. 

A tree was pushed out the way from PSO on East C Street and hauled off. 

The sod was watered at the City Hall. 

A crew member was sent to Ada to purchase tracks for the Kubota. 

Asphalt was out on Delaware, East A Street, and Ohio. 

The lot on North Pennsylvania was cleaned up. 

Potholes were patched as needed. 

Roll-offs were hauled and serviced as needed. 

Stripes were repainted on Court Street. 

Equipment was worked on as needed. 


WATER/SEWER DEPARTMENT: Supervisor Jason Hokett reports his crew has completed the following tasks:

The daily rounds were completed including meter reading, locates, and work orders for the City Hall. 

Leaks were repaired on C Street, East B Street, Minnesota, Montana, Choctaw Day Care, Liberty, South Indiana, East 10th, California, Red Oak, and Choctaw Ave. 

The sewer lines were run and/or repaired at West 6th, Water Treatment Plant, and Tushka.

The meter box was replaced on West 5th Street. 

The street was repaired on Montana. 

Concrete work was completed on West 5th Street. 


PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT: Supervisor Bruce McBride reports his crew has completed the following tasks:


Trash was picked up on Court, Ohio, 13th Street, the north side of Dollar General, Liberty & 69, Indiana, Dunbar, Atoka Lake, the parks, and at the Box House. 

The parks crew assisted with the cleanup at the house on Gin Road. 

Trees were trimmed at the City Lake and Green Meadows Cemetery. 

Concrete was set for the merry-go-round at Johnson Park. 

Poly-carts were delivered as needed. 

The parks vehicles were cleaned out as well as the shop. 


CITY SHOP: Supervisor Jim Tobler reports he has completed the following tasks:


Routine maintenance was completed including tire repairs, tire rotations, fluid checks, oil changes, etc. 

The drive tracks were replaced on CI346.

The hydraulic hose was replaced on the broom on CI105.

The hydraulic hose was replaced for the dig bucket on CI333. 

Door emblems were placed on the newer units. 

The welder was repaired. 

The battery charger was replaced on the parks dump trailer. 

The fuel lines were removed and debris blown out on CI300.

PD unit 28 was taken to Stuteville for diagnostics. 

The tracks were replaced on the skid steer. 


WASTEWATER TREATEMENT PLANT:  Supervisor Eddie Nanney reports the following update:


Haynes has repaired the RAS Pumps as well as inspected the clarifier arm on the 60’ clarifier and the scum pump. 

Labs have been complete and samples taken. 

There has been daily inspection and cleaning on the clarifier, and daily wasting to the digesters. 

Scheduling changes have been made in Oakley’s absence, and the part time crew members have been called in. 


WATER PLANT:  Supervisor Jason Wiley reports the following update:


The plant is running an average of 9 hours per day and about 585,000 gallons per day. 

The company that is working on the tower continues to strip the existing paint in preparations for the new paint. 

A water technician is scheduled to assist the plant with getting turbidity levels down. 

Some of the pumps are needing repairs. 

A meeting is scheduled with several companies involved in the project to get a list of what all needs to be finished and/or fixed. 



POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Chief Gene Dodson reports the following:


The Atoka Police Department general activity report for the reporting period of 01/11/2023 through 01/29/2023. The Police Department responded to 40 disturbance calls and 308 “other” calls, incidents or activities that required service (this does not include traffic stops or traffic contacts.)  There were 17 municipal prisoners booked into the Atoka County Jail, and 11 Municipal Court Arrest Warrant(s) served.  There were 41 OSBI ODIS Offense Reports filed, and 6 Official Collision Reports filed in the Municipal Clerk’s Office. There weren’t any Emergency Detention (Mental Health) cases during this period. 


On 01/11/23, a new 2022 Ford PI Utility Vehicle (Unit No. 35) was delivered by personnel from Vance Country Ford Fleet Services on the Oklahoma State Vehicle Contract.  The vehicle was originally ordered on 05/18/22.  On 01/17/23, the vehicle was taken to Shipman Communications in Durant, OK for the upfit of emergency vehicle equipment and accessories.


On 01/12/23, Assistant Brian Chief Snead and I attended a Law Enforcement Roundtable meeting with Tribal Prosecutor Kara Bacon of the Choctaw Nation.  The meeting was held in Durant, OK.  The meeting was for the purposes of addressing Law Enforcement concerns and answer questions related to Tribal Court issues and procedures.


On 01/12/23, Lieutenant Jimmy Taylor attended a CLEET Accredited Continuing Education training course in Ada, OK.   The course was titled “It Takes a Team to Protect a Child” and was related to the activities of the Multi-Disciplinary Child Abuse Task Force that we are a member of.


On 01/12/23, the OMAG Claims Adjuster inspected Unit No. 32 (2021 Ford PI Utility that was recently involved in a collision on Greathouse Drive).  After several days, OMAG declared the vehicle a total loss.  On 01/24/23, technicians from Shipman Communications removed all emergency and other departmental equipment from the vehicle and it was prepared for salvage.  A quote was obtained for a replacement vehicle from Vance Country Ford Fleet Services on the Oklahoma State Vehicle Contract.


On 01/17/23, Assistant Chief Brian Snead and I conducted an applicant interview of a potential Reserve Peace Officer.  The applicant is CLEET Certified Oklahoma Peace Officer and he is interested in part-time/as needed employment with our agency.


On 01/18/23, I ordered (2) new 2023 Ford PI Utility Vehicles from Vance Country Ford Fleet Services on the Oklahoma State Vehicle Contract.  The vehicles may be available for delivery by early summer depending upon several factors.


On 01/16/2023, Christian Shomo of Atoka, OK began duties as a Patrolman. Shomo is a CLEET Certified Oklahoma Peace Officer and previously worked for the Tupelo, OK Police Department and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.


On 01/24/23, technicians from Shipman Communications made repairs to the emergency equipment on Unit No. 33 (2021 Ford PI Utility).


On 01/26/23, Kody Simpson of Caney, OK began duties as a Patrolman.  Simpson is a CLEET Certified Oklahoma Peace Officer and previously worked for the Atoka County Sheriff’s Department.  Simpson was also previously employed by the Atoka Police Department from 2017-2020.


On 01/26/23, Officers Jedediah Griffith and Kalin Singleton participated in the Tip a Cop Campaign for Special Olympics.   The Officers seated and served guests at the Jackson Family Dining Restaurant from 1700-2000 hours that night as part of the fundraiser.  Approximately $4,500.00 was raised at our local restaurants that night.


On 01/26/23, Assistant Chief Brian Snead and I began conducting applicant interviews for a Patrolman position that may be vacated in the near future.


On 01/27/23, I ordered Body Worn Cameras for all Officers.  The cameras will be implemented as one of our 2023 PD projects and that project was an approved budget project for this year.


On 01/27/23, Unit No. 29 (2020 Chevrolet Tahoe) was taken to the City Shop for a possible transmission issue.  On 01/30/23, City Mechanic James Tobler took the vehicle to Stuteville Chevrolet in Durant, OK for diagnostics and repair.


Routine problems occurred with several of the police vehicles and other departmental equipment during the referenced period.   Repairs and maintenance continued as they normally do.  


ANIMAL CONTROLOfficer John Smithart reports the following:


(*The following numbers were reported from 01/09/23 through 01/29/23)


Dogs that were picked up by the Animal Control Officer: (13)

“Other” animals picked up or otherwise dealt with: (03)

Dogs that were adopted from the pound: (04)

Dogs that were claimed by their owners: (06)

Dogs that were euthanized: (0)

Animal carcasses that were retrieved for disposal: (15)

Dogs that were being held in the pound: (05)

Dogs that were properly registered according to City Code: (01)

Dogs that were escorted to the Vet (with owners) for Rabies vaccinations: (03)

Warnings issued (verbal or other): (08)