Atoka Municipal Court

The Atoka Municipal Court strives to provide equal justice for all, to protect the rights of the victim and defendant, and if the defendant is convicted, assess a penalty which will help deter the defendant and others from similar conduct.

The Municipal Court of Atoka is the judicial branch of city government and was created by state law and city ordinance as a court to impartially hear violations of city ordinances. The court processes misdemeanor traffic and non-traffic offenses as well as parking violations. Charges can be filed by police officers and other city officials such as code enforcement, animal welfare, and fire personnel.

Juvenile Court

The juvenile court system processes violations of municipal ordinances including vandalism, shoplifting, trespassing, assault, battery, illegal possession of firearms, truancy, curfews, possession of low-point beer, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication. The juvenile court will determine if the juvenile is guilty or not, and order community service, set fines or order restitution.

Payment of Fines

You may pay your court fines online here. To pay by mail, make cashier’s check or money order payable to “Atoka Police Department” and send it to the address listed.   You may also pay in person during regular business hours with cash, cashier’s check, or money order.   Any payment arrangements or extensions must be made during a court appearance.   For more information please contact the Court Clerk.

Hours of Operation  •  Monday - Friday •  8:00 AM - 4:00 PM