The adult labor force for Atoka County is approximately 8563. 

The latest unemployment rate for Atoka County is 6.1%.

According to the latest available data, the adult labor force for South Central Oklahoma is approximately 140,000 adults. This labor force includes Atoka, Coal, Bryan, Choctaw, Johnston and Marshall counties.

The South Central Oklahoma adult labor force includes 18,778 job seekers.

A total of 48,613 residents of the South Central Oklahoma Labor Force are either Underemployed or Job Shifters, or both and are readily available to change jobs.

Nearly one-third of Underemployed workers surveyed indicated they would be willing to change jobs for a pay increase of 10% or less.

More than half (58%) of all workers indicated a willingness to commute more than 20 miles to their job.

Among working adults, 34.8% have completed at least a Bachelor’s Degree and an additional 37.5% have had some college or have received an Associate’s Degree. Roughly, 72.3% of the working population has had some sort of post-secondary education.

Oklahoma is a “Right to Work” state, which allows workers to seek or keep employment regardless of union membership requirements.

Source: The Oklahoma Department of Commerce