City Information

The City of Atoka was incorporated in 1901 and is a Charter Municipality. The City of Atoka is operated with a council-manager form of government. There are five elected officials that each serve a two year term and one appointed City Manager. 


Sales Tax Breakdown

Oklahoma Cities and Towns are largely supported by sales tax. Under Oklahoma law, state sales tax must be charged and collected on all transfers of title or possession of tangible personal property for valuable consideration that occur within this state. If the transaction occurs within the boundaries of a county or municipality that levies a sales tax, the applicable county or municipal sales tax must also be charged and collected.


Effective January 1, 2023, the total sales tax rate within the Atoka city limits is 10.50%. This is broken down as follows:

City Sales Tax 4.0%

County Sales Tax 2.0%

State Sales Tax 4.5%

From the City's 4.0%, the funds are distributed as follows:

City General Fund 1.0% General Government, Public Safety, Parks & Recreation, Cemeteries, and Code Enforcement

Capital Improvement 1.0% Streets, Right of Ways, Alleys, Utility Relocations, Fire Department Vehicles & Equipment

Atoka Municipal Authority 0.5% Water Plant Loan Payment

Atoka City Industrial Development Authority 0.5% Economic Development 

Atoka Public Schools 1.0% New Sports Complex Facilities


Oklahoma Cities and Towns do not receive Property taxes, these are assessed and collected by the County.